Administrators Guide to Common Questions
Posted by Daniel Ó Nualláin   on 30 June 2017 09:20 AM

This article covers the top questions administrators ask about the system.


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1. I get a "user already exists" or "failed to create user" message when I set up an account

This means that the login/username used during setup (normally a person's email address) already exists either within your Learning Centre OR on another company's account (e.g. if a person is moving from another company using the EazySAFE Learning Centre). 

Solution: Use a different login/username when you are setting up the account or you can check if the person's account has been deactivated by searching the User list. Do this by clicking on Users/List Users, and typing the person's first name or surname in the search box and clicking on the tick box next to the "Search" button. If the search results show up the name you are looking for, click "Edit" beside the name and reactivate the account.


2. I set up an account with the wrong email address/name/login

If this is a recently created account, and the person has not logged in and taken any training, you should just delete the account and set up a new one with the correct details. To delete an account go to Users/List Users, search for the name and click Edit and then click Delete on the User detail screen. The process of deleting an account is shown below.


3. I set up an account but the person did not get an email with their login details

If you are sure the email address on the account is correct, there are 4 possibilities

- The option "If possible send an email" was not selected when setting the account up. You will need to delete the account and set it up again or contact the person directly and let them know what their login and password is.

- The email was incorrectly marked as spam in the person's email client (e.g. Outlook, Gmail) or at the higher system level. Check spam folder or ask IT department to determine the possible reason for non-receipt of email.

- The person deleted the email by mistake, thinking it was spam.

- Your company email provider is blocking emails from the learning centre. If This is the case please provide your IT Department with the following details.


For the information of your IT department, this is all of the information they will need to ensure future emails come through.

Please note we are EaZy and not EaSy.

1. - this is the email address that a mail client will see email notifications from our system.
2. The Alias on the emails is  "noreply"
3. At a server level, the sender of the emails is

Your IT department needs to whitelist:


As an administrator, you have full control over the system and can recreate an account or reset the password which will send the email again.


4. I set up an account, but the person is unable to login and gets a "Login failed. Please ensure that both your username and password have been entered correctly."

Step 1 - Check the login process yourself by going to your login page and typing the login and password to ensure the person is not typing either the login or password incorrectly

Step 2 - Reset the password and try again. This is done through the Users/List Users menu option.

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