I type my login name and password but I get a "login failed" message
Posted by Alan O'Flaherty on 19 July 2013 02:00 PM

This means the login/password combination is incorrect.

99% of login issues resulting in a "login failed" message are caused by entering the incorrect login or password.

To resolve the issue, please see the following suggestions below.

1. Ensure you are typing the correct website address in the address bar of your browser. For most people, this will be .

Your company may have a dedicated website address for training (e.g. If this is the case, make sure you type the relevant website address in your address bar before logging in again. Your company may also require you to enter a work location (or store name). Please ensure you are entering this information correctly.

2. If your password has been auto-generated and contains a lot of characters in upper and lowercase letters, copy the password directly from any email you have may received and then paste it into the password field on the login page.

3. If you have registered yourself on the system by filling in a form requesting First name, surname and other details, it is possible you have registered on the system before today. In this case, you will need to enter the password used when you initially registered. If you entered an email address when registering, and you require a password re-set, please use the password reset function to get a new password.


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